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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Videogamey: Pittco Presents Iron Storm XIII LAN Party THIS WEEKEND!!!

Greetings programs! The gang over at Pittco, Pittsburgh's Premiere LAN Party Experience, presents the Iron Storm XIII LAN Party at Castle Shannon Memorial Fire Hall this weekend (3600 Liberty Road, Castle Shannon, PA).

Starting this Friday, March 20th at 6PM you and your friends can engage in over 40 hours of gaming for only $45 bucks at the door (cash or charge) or $35 for ADVANCED TICKETS with discount up to 20% for those of you who are buying multiple tickets for you and your friends!

What's the matter NOOB? 
Never been to a LAN Party?


Gamers Unite at Iron Storm XII!

A LAN Party is when a group of people get together to create a Local Area Network (LAN) for the purpose of playing video games. Let's face it - winning rocks. However, rubbing it in the face of the person you just fragged while their in the same room, rocks the casbah!

Kids, Seriously...
I've Been Playing Games Before You Were Even A Bad Idea!

For this LAN party, Mortal Kombat, GoldenEye64, Halo Reach, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3, and more will be at the event! Check out the EVENTS SCHEDULE to get the entire scoop! 

With both new and old-school games to jump head first into, what's not to love at this event? Remember you can purchase your ADVANCED TICKETS for $35 bucks or for $45 at the door. Don't forget to check out Pittco's Official Website for up and coming new events throughout the year! Don't forget to check back with us here at Pittsburgh Underground for all that smells gamey here in the burgh! Hope to see you in Castle Shannon this weekend!

About Pittco
The Pittsburgh LAN Coalition was established in December of 2003 as an organization that hosts Local Area Network gaming parties (‘computer and console gaming convention’). We are comprised of several long-standing local LAN gaming organizations working cooperatively as one entity. The following is a list of LAN organizations who are currently part of the Coalition: SlyDuck, ThinkComputers.org, 24oz LAN, PGHLANfest, Nukem LAN, Uber Ware, TerrorLAN, and LoLLeR LAN.

The Pittco Mission
To serve the gaming community of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the east coast as the premier LAN party organization by hosting successful, large scale LAN gaming parties.

The Pittco Vision
To pool our resources into an extensive community involving participants, sponsors, and staff to bring gamers through a professional, safe, and fun environment the best and biggest LAN parties in Pittsburgh and east coast history.


Anonymous said...

I was actually at the lan party. I won 2nd place in Mortal Kombat and Halo Reach. It's me Theresa's brother. The one who helps at Mekong.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the win my friend! Nothing better than mixing a little old school gaming with that of the new and being one of the best at both isn't anything to sneeze at (hey, I'm an old-schooler myself and still can't stop playing!). Glad you had a good time at the event - stay tuned for more to come from our friends at Pittco and the gang here at Pittsburgh Underground!

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