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PU! Artists Bio Break

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Hot Toddy – Pittsburgh Underground Bio Break

Toddy lives in an old brick house with high ceilings and a leaky roof. There is also heat, electricity, and too many squirrels in the attic that eat all his food.

They keep him up at all hours of the night. Toddy needs more ‘play’ time and less ‘work’ time. His dreams of artistic satisfaction and cosmic awesomeness have been replaced with cravings for a simple schedule of eat, sleep, & create more art (not necessarily in that order).

He graduated with his first Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and the naive idea of how he might scar the world with his vision of it.

Instead, after two years of fighting the good fight as an ‘art-mercenary’, he was accidentally hired at the least likely place on the planet - a safety company... a place to hide... a place to make the world a little better...

Fifteen years later, he’s bludgeoned his way to another Bachelor’s degree, this time in Industrial Design. Now the smartest goof ball on the planet, he has proven that he can be stabbed, smacked, blown up, burned, back, pinched, poked, poisoned, run over, kicked, clawed, clobbered, kapowed, kablooyed, and kablammed without breaking his stride.

Today, Toddy makes his home in Pittsburgh along side a menagerie of ‘mean little men’, his squirrels, and his maniacal plans of overflowing the world until it’s drowning in absolute and utter sillines

Hot Toddy can be contacted at: Hot-Toddy@PUzine.com

Chops Huber – Pittsburgh Underground Bio Break

Chops Huber also lives in an old brick house with high ceilings and a leaky roof. There is heat and electricity. He has a cat. The cat is fat, mean, and makes a lot of noise. He needs a haircut. He needs to put his laundry away. His dreams of artistic development and creativity have been replaced by the desire to find a reliable vacuum cleaner and buckets for those leaks.

After graduating from Catholic high school, he went to art-college in order to see first hand the Church's definition of evil and perversion.

He is still looking…

…and so traveled west, through Texas and New Mexico. He landed in Los Angeles, and for the low price of his soul and self esteem, he somehow managed to earn a Master's Degree in Illustration.

After running himself over with his car, he traveled to Thailand because he hates curry, lemon grass, and coconut milk. There he was nursed back to health on a diet of fruit juice, rice, and fish

Today, he makes his home in Pittsburgh along side a clan of degenerate trolls. Despite his lack of talent, he continues his futile attempt to make some kind of living with art…

Chops can be contacted at: Chops-Huber@PUzine.com

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KT said...

When Toddy isn't hatching some strange evil schemes or creating crazy mean little men.. (I tried to talk him into a naive stilly girl to offset his zombie, he would have none of it) He is one of the kindest, caring guys in the Universe (shh.... don't let him know I told you that) :-P

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