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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Announcement: The Straight Poop on PU's Terrible 2's!!!

Holy crappin' crap kids! Pittsburgh Underground just dropped a deuce!!! That's right gang! Today celebrates PU's 2nd Year Anniversary as part of your daily dose of all things creepy, crawley, weird, wacky, kitschy, & kooky here in our old stompin' grounds of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

It's been a long, yet solid year for the gang here at PU HQ and we're still smelling strong! We've been incredibly fortunate to have met some incredibly talented and wonderful people this year who have joined our PU community. Without these amazing artists, producers, actors, musicians, writers, master chefs, comedians, filmmakers, television visionaries, and as always - our amazing group of PU Minions who tune into us every day for the straight poop on our vast underground community of awesomeness PU would not smell as sweet as it does.

From the bottom of our black little hearts, the gang here at good ol' PU says thank you for being YOU!!! You are what makes Pittsburgh the unique place it is and for that we are forever grateful so keep on keepin' on...

Now, with that mush out of the way, We want to post an official PU ALERT to EVERYONE out there in the Pittsburgh Underground who has a crazy, kooky, kitschy, scary, screwy, ookie, and just plain AWESOME event that's coming up on the horizon that you want the world to know about! Shoot us an email at PU@PU-Zine.com and we'll make sure to put up a post about it and also get the word out on our Twitter and Facebook feeds. You are PU! - without you it doesn't exist! Pittsburgh Underground is here first and foremost as our way to get Pittsburgh artists connected with other artists and them to their audience. We want to hear from YOU!!!

Also, don't forget our PU Exclusives right here each month including our FREE PU Pulp Poster featuring our PU artists Karl 'Chops' Huber and Hot Toddy. Remember, they're FREE to download, print, and enjoy in the comfort of your own lair! Check out ALL of last year's PU Pulps in our PU PULP Poster Year One Roundup and the continuing saga in our regular feature PU PULP POSTERS!

And finally, we would be remiss if we didn't dig up our old pal and resident front man, Dead Zed Zombie, who not only airs exclusively in his own webisodes on our monthly feature PU Presents Dead Zed Zombie here on Pittsburgh Underground, but on the PU Youtube Channel every month, and occasionally on our good pal's show, Barnabus Bailey, The Greatest Show Unearthed! Don't forget to check back with Zed every month and leave him some comments at any of our websites and Like him on Facebook. For a guy that only likes humans in his belly, he seems to really want some attention - check out the show that we aired this last Janaury!

PU Presents Dead Zed Zombie: Episode 4, Season 2

Monka-Hunka-Chunky Loved

Stay tuned for more shocks, scares, mayhem, madness, and the occasional dash of sarcasm as PU ventures forth into YEAR TWO at PU!!! Thanks again for everyone who's made this year smell of success!!!

We Dig You!
Pittsburgh Underground

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