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Thursday, April 15, 2010

PU It Stinks! The Cold Shoulder...

Who do you trust, who do you trust...?

IGN recently ranked its top 100 villains from comics and beyond. Always one to laud evil, we at P.U. were intrigued. Many a brainstorm session has been spent conjuring the ultimate villain team-up or match-up. Of course, one must expect certain disappointments and everyone is entitled to their own version of what makes for a good,,,whatever it is. There are also those circumstances where creators re-invent the wheel to suit the needs of the narrative...

For example, oh, I don't know, lets say, Capt. Cold, and maybe Mr. Freeze

Now I mean no disrespect. Cold guns, the parka, those great glasses...I DO like Capt. Cold. But really!

Pathos always trumps gimmicks. That grumpy misanthrope Leonard Snart is nothing more than a one trick pony. All the anger and tragic sci-fi, Super suit and monotone speeches, and my vote for the next baddie in the Batman series. The rankings as they stand now put the good Captain at number 27 while our favorite frozen felon limps in at number 67, all the while acknowledging that Capt. Cold IS, and I quote, "a poor man's Mr. Freeze."

think about it...

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Samuel said...

I always thought Capt. Cold was a punk, just sayin.

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