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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Comic Review: KICK-ASS the COMIC Kicks ASS!

The Lowdown
KICK-ASS did EXACTLY what it intended to do as stated so simply in it's title. It KICKED MY ASS!!! The book written by Scottish comic book author Mark Millar (Wanted, Marvel Zombies, The Unfunnies, Nemisis) and the classic Marvel Comics illustrator, John Romita Jr. (Daredevil, Wolverine, The Eternals)  was the rockin'est series that I've had the pleasure of enjoying in years.

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In a nutshell (no real spoilers, you could probably read this off the book insert) the premise starts with geeky (pot calls kettle black) Dave Lizewski who one day decides to don a green and yellow outfit and fight crime even though he doesn't have any super powers, much less, super skills of any kind. He's not a fighter, he's not a brain, he's not even what one would call 'lucky'. He's that dumb-ass that you knew as a kid who decides to jump off his roof, tries to beat up the bullies in his neighborhood, and get the Spagetti-O's knocked out of him in the process.

Of course after his initial ass kicking by some thugs that put him out of commission for a while, Dave dons his alter-ego once more and this time, succeeds. While stopping a criminal from beating a man to death, a bystander caotures the entire fight on a video phone, posts it online, and the rest is history. KICK-ASS is a legitimate super hero.

The Entire, Bloody, Kick-Ass Gang!

At least in this universe. The best part about this entire outing is not just the attention to detail that Millar gives to his title character throught the series, but the supporting cast as well. Kick-Asses adventures eventually team him up with the Red Mist - another home-brewed hero and the vigilante, Big Daddy and his crime fighting, preteen daughter, Hit-Girl. There are A LOT of twists and turns in this one kids, with all roads leading to a mess with the mob and a bloody (pun intended) fun conclusion.

Why this Comic ROTS!
Apart from the amazing story lines created by Mark Millar, the illustrations are bar none as the master, John Romita Jr. does his thing to make the world of KICK-ASS as real as possible. Granted, in many ways it's an 'over the top' reality, but that's what makes this read so hard to put down. Romita doesn't hold back in any way, shape, or form. Each illustration is packed full of detail, color, and some of the bloodiest slugouts that you'll see outside of a Quentin Tarantino flick (that's right - violence big, make PU go WOO)!

Sorry Kid, But My Sister Needs A Nose Job!

The Final WORD
Before you see the movie this Friday in theaters (yes, they are making a movie too - check out our review in our Movies That Have Everything section), feast your eyes the reason movies like this are being made in the first place - GOOD STORY TELLING / GREAT ARTWORK. Hands down - pound for pound, you definitely won't feel sorry cause it KICK-ASS!!!

Comics To ROT Your Brain Rating: 10

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