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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Greetings all you ghouls and fools! Today, Pittsburgh Underground begins our new segment called Pod People featuring underground podcasts from Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. The content will be created independently by many of our PU Minions and then posted by us here at good ol' PU.

Many of you have already listened to our pals at the Jim and Zope Cast featuring Jim Backus and Bobby Zoppelt and shortly we will be posting one of their official spin-offs, Odd Talk with Jim featuring stories of paranormal Pittsburgh (ooooh scary!!!). Both podcasts will become regular features here on Pod People, but we are merely scratching the surface - now we need YOU!

Pittsburgh Underground is looking for the best Pittsburgh-based podcasts that we can feature here at good ol' PU. Keep in mind that it needs to fit within our 'underground' theme - this could be anything from pop culture, music, cinema, the local art scene, food, or whatever else you can think of that would be great peanut butter to our jelly!

There are a few technical requirements that we ask for in order to be featured. The first is that your podcast must be something we can embed within our Pod People articles (sorry, we aren't in the biz of uploading and storing your audio and video files - this must be done independently by you). All we need is a link to your podcast page that contains an embeddable player that we can use in order to share it with our readers (good examples of this can be found on Podcast Garden, Mixlr, or YouTube).

Secondly, we want to make sure that each episode of your podcast comes with a brief synopsis of what you'll be talking about for that episode just to give our viewers an idea of what they'll be listening to.

Third, let us know if your content contains explicit language, images, or any other nasty things that might make the squeamish squirm. We're all about free speech here at Pittsburgh Underground, but we also have a broad audience and feel it's only right to warn some of our more sensitive listeners if your podcast contains 'adult' content.

Shoot us a line at PU@PUzine.com and tell us a little bit about your podcast and include some links so we can have a listen and possibly feature it on Pittsburgh Underground. Don't forget to stay tuned for more Pod People articles in the weeks to come!

Disclaimer: The views, opinions, and conclusions expressed by independent podcast creators are those of the authors or organizations and not necessarily those of Pittsburgh Underground or their affiliates. The content of the podcasts will be reviewed or approved at the discretion of Pittsburgh Underground . The authors or organizations are solely responsible for the content of their podcasts. Pittsburgh Underground reserves the right to reject or remove any podcast from it's website without notice.

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