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Monday, April 1, 2013

Announcement: PU Anniversary - 3rd Time's The Charm!

No bone's about it gang, Pittsburgh Underground just turned 3 years old today!!! With that I wanted to personally thank everyone who's been a part of our creepy, crawley, weird, wacky, kitchy, & kooky community for the last 3 years and extend the invitation to everyone else who has yet to experience what we do here at good ol' PU!

When my buddy, Karl "Chops' Huber, and I started the website back in 2010, we had really only set out to build a forum where we could really exercise our creative muscles around the topics that are near and dear to our hearts - comic books, science fiction, movies, geek culture, puppetry, special effects, food, video games, television, and pop culture.

As with most people, we don't always get to a chance to combine the subjects we love with the abilities we have as artists so we created Pittsburgh Underground as our vehicle to inspire ourselves while expanding our skill sets along the way. Luckily, the plan worked out - Karl and I split illustration duties with our free PU Pulp Posters as a way to create various comic book themed illustrations that could also reflect our love of our hometown, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania - although that was just the beginning.

Karl, generously offered to purchase a Flip Video camera and handed it over to me so I was also able to finally fulfill a life long dream of building and performing my own puppet creations while immersing myself in digital effects, animation, and video editing. This mixture resulted in the creation of Pittsburgh Underground's Dead Zed Zombie webisodes. Believe it or not, thanks to Karl I'm able to put on the one man show using Dead Zed Zombie, Wolfgang Moonbang, and Rico Roacho to express myself in a way I never thought I'd be lucky enough to accomplish (thanks dude!).

PU Presents Dead Zed Zombie: Episode 1, Season 3
Dead Zed Zombie's Halloween Spooktacular #3

 Still, we are only scratching the surface. The PU Pulp Posters & Dead Zed Zombie bits along with our articles talking about our love of all things pop culture started to catch the attention of the Pittsburgh Underground community - kindred spirits who, like us shared our interests, were creating their own unique productions, and wanted to get the word out.

We've had artists of all types, local theater troupes, indy filmmakers, movie houses, local eateries, video game enthusiasts, pop culture aficionados, writers, musicians, and everyone in between contact us in order to let the world know that their creative efforts were to be shared with everyone to grow an ever expanding audience making the more the merrier.

With that said, I want to invite all of our readers to contact us with their creative projects or interests that fit within the strange and silly world that is Pittsburgh Underground. You can drop us a line at PU@PUzine.com, send us a notification on our PU Facebook Page, or tweet on our PU Twitter Page.

You can also follow us any of these ways along with connect to us via our PU YouTube Channel (we would LOVE to get some LIKES!) or hit the  'Subscribe' button located in the right column of this website. 

Thanks to everyone for visiting our website and for including us in Pittsburgh's art's community - it's a proud and humbling experience to be a small part of what makes our city great and we are very lucky to be able to share it with all of you. From myself and the gang here at good ol' PU...

Stay tuned and stay smokin',
Hot Toddy / Co-Founder
Pittsburgh Underground

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