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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Movies That Have Everything: Pittsburgh Dad at the Hollywood Theater Hollywood Theater Inat!

Please note,  the following has been translated into Pittsburghese for your optimum enjoyment...

Hey gang! Starting tonight through Sadurdy, Picksburg (Pittsburgh) Dad will be showing at da Hollywood Theater before da main features starting at 7PM. Fer dose of yinz who've never heard of da Picksburgese talkin' and walkin' Pittsburgh Dad, here's a quick clip to give yinz an idea of da fun in store!

Pittsburgh Dad in Snow

Pittsburgh Dad is the one minute sitcom created by Chris Wootton and Chris Preksta and is shown on the Pittsburgh Dad YouTube Channel every Tuesday.

Wait a second... did we mention main features? Ats right kids... after da short, da  Hollywood Theater  will also be showing  Roadie.  Check aht da trailer!

Roadie (2012 Trailer)

Canned from a 20-year job as roadie for Blue Oyster Cult, Jimmy is broke and desperate. With nowhere else to go, he returns home to Forest Hills, Queens to visit his aging mother, where a wild night with some hard-partying high school friends shows him that some things never change. From director Michael Cuesta (L.I.E., Twelve and Holding), ROADIE features powerful performances from Ron Eldard, Bobby Cannavale, Jill Hennessy and a refreshingly eclectic 70s hard rock soundtrack.

The Amityville Horor (1979)

lso, don't ferget da other great shows this weekend at da  Hollywood Theater starting at 9:30 PM! On Thursdy and Sadurdy da Amityville Horror (da amazing 1979 version starring a very young  Margot Kidder) will be showing  (click HERE to see the trailer on Youtube).

And on Frydy at 9:30, da one and only,  The Room,  starring da infamous Johnny Wiseau. Dubbed da Citizen Kane of sucko movies, this is one of dose flicks that yinz hafta see to believe! 

The Room (2003 Trailer)

So git yinzes dupa to da  Hollywood Theater  this week fer some fun that you'll never ferget! Also, don't ferget to check aht their schedule of upcoming events.  Da gang from Picksburg Underground hopes to see yinz dere!

Wanna know more abaht Pittsburghese?  Zip on over to da Pittsburghese Website fer more info on our amazing regional dialect!

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