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Sunday, October 30, 2011

PU Pulp Posters: The Fragrance of Fear - Issue Two

Fragrance of Fear / Issue 2 / Northside Nosferatu
PU Artist, Karl 'Chops' Huber
(Click to Download a Full Version)

Trick or Treat my ghastly ghoulies!!! Can you believe that Pittsburgh Underground is actually publishing our Year Two PU Pulp Posters already? We sure can't!!! It literally feels like just yesterday when we posted our very first poster back in October of 2010, but here we are - 2011, and with that comes a brand new poster from our unky Chops Huber entitled The Fragrance of Fear / Issue 2 / Beware of the Northside Nosferatu!!!

 OOOOOhhh... SCARRRYYY!!! We thought so! Well, we hope you enjoy this little freebie that we provide to our loyal readers every month as our way of thanking you for joining us and our love of all things creepy, crawly, geeky, and sneaky!!!

THAT'S NOT ALL!!! Old unky Chops has whipped up a little story to go along with this months cover and for those of you that dare to tread.... (Click Here To Continue)

UPDATE: This PU Pulp Poster has been UPDATED as of August 3rd, 2012 to include revisions to our QR Code and Website Address - PUzine.com -  Download and print this PU Freebie and hang it on your fridge, stick it to your skateboard, glue it to your little sister's head - THEN use your smartphone to scan the code to follow Pittsburgh Underground wherever you are!



The city…

The city is old,
…full of history, shrouded in mystery.

You travel down streets paved in blood red brick, twisted by tree roots a hundred years old, just beyond the clean neon lights of downtown.  The tangle of electric cable mixes with the spider web of branches into an urban jungle, and all manner of wildlife prowls the dark places after the sun sets.  

Birds and bats shoot from tree to tree, from shadow to shadow, chasing insects and mice.  Black-eyed rats and raccoons move about, scavenging garbage cans, looking for an open window here and there.  A cat will howl in the late hours. 

The noise of cars and crowds fade away as you make your way over the bridge and past the arena.  As you go through the park under the lamps that line the walkway, you make out the shapes of people sitting and staring at the water.  There are bird sounds everywhere in the dark.  A siren moves somewhere near, the echo bouncing.  

Turn a corner, past some demolished houses and the piles of stone and dirt.  You will come to an alley where no light is lit.  At the end of the alley there is a house.  It stands lopsided in its foundations.  The windows are broken, the bent frames lined with jagged glass shards.  The empty space left over is black and hallow.  Nothing moves…

If you stop and look up, and if you are lucky (or perhaps, unlucky) you just might see the Nosferatu…

It will not smile.  It will not wave.  You are food to it.

Don't forget, we'll have a BRAND NEW PU Pulp Poster next month as well kids. Who knows what it will be - sci-fi, westerns, horror, crime drama, dinosaurs, romance (that's right - even we have a soft side here at good ol' PU!). Stay tuned to Pittsburgh Underground for more tricky treats!!!

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