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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eat Me: Buena Vista Coffee Shop Review

Buena Vista Coffee Shop

As experts pertaining to all visual delights, it should come as no surprise that the gang at good ol’ PU is also well versed in the culinary delights of our fair city. From soup to nuts, there is little that the gang will not try. If it flies, swims, or crawls, chances are there is room for it on our dinner plate, which is not to say that the gang at Pittsburgh Underground can’t enjoy the simple things.

You say, “Uncle Chops, we love duck beak soup and fish eyes as much as the next person. But I just want a cup of coffee.” Fear not gentle reader, PU hears you. In addition to the grand, we have insight on the bland. We know the simple joy of simple food. A gourmet hotdog versus Chef Grimby’s Eeww de’ Plop. Who can say which is better?

…and so… (Click the Read Me link below to continue)

Tired of struggling through another cup of pencil shavings from Starbuck’s? Whether your morning or afternoon routine, if you find yourself in the friendly streets of our own Northside, make your way to the Mexican War Streets area and look for the Buena Vista Coffee Shop, located, oddly enough, at 1501 Buena Vista Street in the Northside of Pittsburgh.

If you prefer good (!) coffee to insipid marketing strategy, then stop in and have a cup. The menu is small, simple and direct. The best part is, its all good. Do something, and do it well. The pastries are homemade there in the shop everyday, and the variety changes as the seasons.

There is a good amount of space if you DON’T bring ALL your children at once and they have outdoor chairs and tables, weather permitting. And they is hooked up to the Internets sos you kin look at the Google if ya wants.

Sit a Spell...

Yes, you can generally expect to see your usual menagerie of weirdoes and freaks and tree-huggers, but it makes for nice people watching. If not, you can always get your goodies to go and go sit in Mechanics Retreat Park right across the street, or, if you are like Uncle Chops, just growl and wave your pistol at them (that will likely do the trick).

...or Stop to Smell the Roses in Mechanics Park

Many locals can be found at Buena Vista discussing music, politics, art, God, and garden tips. The walls are hung with original art, and new images are hung continually throughout the year (Uncle Chops had a sold out show not that long ago, when it was the Beleza Coffeeshop). Buena Vista Coffee Shop hosts many events and is a meeting ground for many folks planning their next whatever…

Formally known as Beleza, the Buena Vista Coffee Shop is a nice continuation of good coffee served locally by locals. Hours Hours are Monday through Friday: 7:00 - 4:00 / Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 - 4:00.

Also, don't forget to check out the Buena Vista Coffee Shops's Official  Website for menus and directions.

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