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Friday, September 10, 2010

Announcement: We Are Pittsburgh Underground!!!

In case you just tuned in, we're good ol' PU (Pittsburgh Underground). Your FIRST and FINALword for all your comic book, cinema, television, food, video games, and art events n’at right here in Pittsburgh. We hit the streets and back alleys to find you all the best in multi-media. If it beeps, buzzes, glows in the dark, or fights off hoards of deadly alien zombie invaders intent on destroying usPU is there. All our articles are PACKED full of multimedia easter eggs (hidden messages) too - links to information, pictures, video, related sites, and the absurd! No detail is too small, no act too demeaningthat’s good ol' PU.

We're not all talk you know (really!). We've got some serious surprises in store coming this October that may just scare the begesus out of you! Our PU Artists are toiling away to bring you original monthly 'PU Pulp' collectable posters of our very own design featuring our fair city as the focal point for some frightening fun! That's right kids - all your favorite local haunts and hives captured to give your kids the creeps! BEWARE! You may find yourself facing flesh gobbling hoards from Hades while sucking down a cold Iron City or fending off deranged killer robots in front of CMU... Check out some of these early development sketches and don't be afraid to send us ideas for future creations:

More PU Pulp Poster Development Sketches To Come So Stay Tuned!!!

If that doesn't give you the heebees geebees, then what comes next will... Also in October, good ol' PU  will be handing over the reigns to our new frontman, 'Dead Zed Zombie' who will be clawing his way to you, well... not exactly live, let's just say - reanimated from the depths of Pittsburgh Underground in his very own webcast. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground as we give you updates from beyond the grave as we near this PU exclusive!

Dead Zed Zombie Premieres October 31st, 2010 Only At PU!

Finally, be sure to give us a scream (or just email us here): a favorite comic we have overlooked, a tasty treat that has eluded our taste buds, your favorite movie that we have yet to review, or a Pittsburgh event that needs talked about…the list goes on. From aliens to zombies, and everything in between, PU is there. We want to hear from YOU! Respond to our articles! Email us (pghunderground@verizon.net)! Send suggestions for future stories, artwork, etc! Jump aboard the PU train and take it for a thrill ride it's ment to be! So take care, stay tuned, and remember kids, if it's from good ol' PU it will reek of entertainment!

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