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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Geek Gear: What They Won't Think Of Next!

Howdy kids! It's that time again! This week we bring you inventions from the FUTURE!!! Ideas that might be WAY ahead of their time (and should probably stay there). These award winners speak for themselves so without further adieu...

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The Intimidator Puzzle Gun
That's right ladies and germs - this sporty little piece is feels as if it jumped right out of the pages of a Batman vs. Riddler story. This 125 piece metal puzzle entitled 'The Intimidator' by it's creator, artist GarE Maxton, can actually be pieced together to form a WORKING single-shot .45 caliber handgun (but only after a key allows the user to disassemble it).

The Intimidator In Puzzle Form

The Intimidator in Gun Form

The Intimidator in it's 250 Parts

The Fart Operated TV Remote

Technology At It's Finest

Methane is as good an alternative power source as as any fancy-smancy biofuel of the future. Over at Instructables, Schmidtn has developed the first ever, fart operated, random channel, TV remote. Created for his Pops (isn't that awesome!) who loves both farting and channel surfing, the creator not  only made this a reality, but also put his tutorial on How To Create a Fart Operated Random Channel TV Remote out on the web for all to enjoy. Check out this stunning footage of this next-gen technology in action!

The Fart Operated Random Channel TV Remote

The  Telenoid R1 Robot


From Osaka University and Japan's ATR, the Telenoid R1 Robot was created in an attempt to smooth video conference relations by transmitting gestures and words of the broadcaster to the receiver, thus making the interaction more 'realistic' (if you're a creepy, half-baked, Casper the Friendly Ghost looking-like blob of ick). Believe it or not, this creepy little bastard will be around $8,000 when it finally goes on the market. If you ask me, I'd rather get my creepy on for free if you know what I mean? Check out this footage of the R1 in action.

The Telenoid R1 Robot Creeps Out Mr. Miyagi

With that, we say Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto until next Wednesday for another episode of Geek Gear.

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