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Friday, May 14, 2010

Movies That Have Everthing Preview: Batman XXX

Hey kids! It's widely known that the gang here at good ol' PU are definitly not known as 'movie snobs'. You know the type - movie-goers that will only be bothered with the latest and greatest Oscar winning dramas, foofy French 'art' films, or the 'feel-good' movies that will make your heart grow two sizes larger. We love ALL movies - each genre working to fulfill the very specific wants and needs for the individual. Sometimes we want to laugh, sometimes cry, and other times be scared to death!

Even still - there are just some days that we just want to watch a bunch of naked people humping each other. That's right kids, even 'adult entertainment' has it's rightful place in the world of fun filled escapism. With that said, Vivid Entertainment has announced the release of their newly inspired superhero themed nasties aptly titled the  'Vivid-Superhero' series.

The first in this new series, Batman XXX, based off the Adam West 1960's Batman TV show is the newest installment to Vivid's line of adult titles. Now before any of you goodie-goodies out there get bent about anyone sullying the 'image' of good ol' uncle Adam, try and remember that even Mr. West appeared in adult films 'Young Lady Chatterly II' and "The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood" AFTER being typecast as Batman only to move back into the mainstream, most recently doing voiceover work for Family Guy, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and SpongeBob SquarePants.

The preview staring Dale DaBone as Batman, James Deen as Robin, Tori Black as (GRRROOWWL!) Catwoman, and Lexi Belle (double GRRRROWWWL!) as Batgirl, Evan Stone as the Riddler, and Randy Spears doing a fantastic immitation of Casear Romaro as the Joker has been a huge hit on YouTube inspiring more video nasties of this ilk to follow (evidentally, The Green Hornet, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk." are in the works).

So tune in to the same Bat-time and same Bat-channel for more sexciting Batman XXX to cum.!

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Anonymous said...

Just so you cats know. They have alot of the clips of this movie on WWW.spankwire.com. funny as hell.

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