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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Movies That Have Everything: THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!

GREAT SCOTT - Were’s finally here! The FUTURE!!! That’s right gang! Today marks a red letter date in the history of time travel as Dr. Emmet Brown, Marty McFly, his future wife Jennifer, and of course Einstein (Doc’s faithful dog) traveled from the year 1985 to TODAY, Wednesday, October 21, 2015!!!

Back when writer-producer Bob Gale and writer-director Robert Zemeckis penned Back to the Future 2 predicting the future (today), they got a lot of things right (and a few things, well - not so right!). Phone glasses (Google glasses), 3D movies (ok, maybe not Jaws 19, but 3D is all the rage on both big and small screens), video chatting on flat screen tv’s, and yes - even hoverboards.

Writer-Producer Bob Gale with a Flux Capacitor
(The Thing that makes Time Travel POSSIBLE!)

 When interviewed recently about the predictions made, Bob Gale stated that, "The hoverboard thing was a total flight of fancy. Every kid wanted one and now we've got Arx Pax in Los Gatos, [California]. They have a magnetic hover board.”

The Arx Pax Hendo Hoverboard (courtesy of TechCrunch TV)

While there's no "Jaws 19" or a Black and Decker Hydrator today, Gale predicted something no one outside Chicago would have: the Cubs would make it to the World Series. The dream of getting that prediction right is still alive.

“One of the things that gave us permission to just let our minds go wild was [knowing] we're gonna get this wrong, because nobody ever gets it right.”

Nike MAG shoes, based on the original Nike MAG worn by the "Back to the Future"
character Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, is displayed during its unveiling at
The Montalban Theatre in Hollywood, California, Sept. 8, 2011.

One thing we are all still waiting for is our flying car (which the gang from Terrafugia are still ‘perfecting’). Nike has however, been developing the self-tying shoe for some time now and had hoped for a launch sometime this year!

Back For The Future Nike Air Mag 2015

So from the gang here at Pittsburgh Underground, happy Back to the Future Day!!! The future is still bright, however, after today it will become a thing of the past...

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