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Thursday, November 22, 2012

PU Presents: Dead Zed Zombie - Episode 2, Season 3

PU Presents Dead Zed Zombie: Episode 1, Season 3
Dead Zed Zombie in Undead Fowl!

Happy Turkey Day everyone!!! Mmm... turkey!!! Can you believe it's here already? The gang from Pittsburgh Underground can't!!! It feels like just yesterday that Dead Zed Zombie, Wolfgang Moonbang, and Rico Roacho were having their Thanksgiving Luau, minus the bird! 

Never fear kids! This year, Wolfie has a BIG surprise for Zed as he 'invites' the guest of honor into the Pittsburgh Underground for the terrifying turkey-day festivities!

This year, we wanted to dedicate our Thanksgiving Day special to both veteran animator Tex Avery and our own National Aviary located right here in our fair city via our home base, the Northside of Pittsburgh. 

We know - sounds like a volatile mix right? That's what Pittsburgh Underground is all about gang - adding the craziest ingredients, standing back, and seeing what happens!

For those of you who've never taken the trip - the National Aviary is the premier bird zoo located in right in West Park, Central Northside (if you use Google Maps, just enter 700 Arch Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 and you'll find it!). They have EVERYTHING!!! Vultures, crow, and the occasional turkey! So drop by with your hatchlings for a visit my fine feathered finks!

Tex Avery (February 26, 1908 – August 26, 1980) is one of the most famous creators from the golden age of animation who's characters have stood the test of time - Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Droopy, Screwy Squirrel, Porky Pig, and Chilly Willy are just a few who have spent more than a Saturday morning slaying you with laughter!

For this episode of Dead Zed, the PU Polter-TV's (you know, those ghostly little televisions that pop in and out of our shows from time to time) features Tex Avery's 1945 short (now public domain feature), Jerky Turkey. The gang would be remiss if we didn't salute Mr. Avery for all the happiness he's given us over the decades and wanted to bring you Jerky Turkey in it's entirety with this PU Thanksgiving Day Extra - Enjoy!!!

Jerky Turkey / 1945 MGM Short / Directed by Tex Avery 
Written by Heck Allen / Music by Scott Bradley
Animation by Preston Blair, Ed Love and Ray Abrams /
Voices by Harry Lang and Leone LeDoux

From the gang here at Pittsburgh Underground, we hope you all have a great Turkey Day with friends, family, and everyone in between. As always, good ol' PU is thankful that we have you as our audience - thanks again for stopping by and checking out our special brand of madness!

Don't forget - much more coming soon right here at Pittsburgh Underground!

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