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Friday, September 21, 2012

Movies That Have Everything Preview: Dredd

All Pittsburgh Underground can say is that's about bloody time we get a Dredd reboot!!! That's right gang - the law is finally back with our main character Judge Dredd being portrayed by Karl Urban himself, or as our Trekkie friends know him - Bones (at least in the J.J. Abrams-verse).

Based on the UK comic created in 1977 (yes, my dears... our boy in blue is 35 years old!) by John Wagner (writer), Carlos Ezquerra (artist), and Pat Mills (editor) as the walking-talking, judge, jury, and executioner in Mega City circa 2099.

PU Trivia: As time passed in the real world, the years also passed in Dredd's universe - starting in 1977 (or 2099 in Mega City) till present (2134 ala Mega City).

Come to think of it, check out the trailer below!

Dredd (Trailer, 2012)

Finally - what looks like a decent story portrayed by great actors playing characters we care about! The future looks much brighter than it's past - the ultra-squeeky (Mickey Mouse reference) Disney version of 1995 starring Sly Stallone, a very hot Dianne Lane, and The Animal himself, Rob Schneider. Oh yeah, did we also mention Ming the Mercilous (the always awesome, Max von Sydow) was also in this flick? Wait a minute... why did this version suck again?

Judge Dredd (Trailer, 1995)

Ok, it had it's moments (I AM THE LAW!!!). Well get your ass over to your local theater this weekend, less the be judged!!!


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