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Friday, August 3, 2012

PU Pulp Posters: The Scent of Shock / Issue 2

The Scent of Shock/ Issue 2 / 
Maniacal Mechanical Madness At Carnegie Mellon
PU Artist, Chops Huber
(Right Click Image to Download a Full Version)

Greetings one and all! Somehow, someway, we've managed to finally to get our technology up and running again, allowing us to share what is now our 22nd PU Pulp Poster. This PU Freebie is yours to print, hang stick, staple, bolt, screw, glue, or velcro to your wall, fridge, loved one, or hated enemy. The QR Codes and Web Address have been updated on ALL PU PULP POSTERS allowing our viewers to use their smartphones to follow us anywhere on the planet at our new web address - PUzine.com 

This month, our old pal Chops Huber has cobbled together The Scent of Shock / Issue 2 / Mechanical Madness At Carnegie Mellon.

It never fails to amaze when life imitates art with the last couple of days being no exception! PU has had nothing but technologies failures all week from cash registers eating our receipts, Google completely boning us with their 'auto-renewal' domain name feature (click here for that story), and now famed Mojang, the makers of Minecraft have patched our beloved game to no longer feature a favorite 'duplication' exploit that made the game so much more convenient to play.

What can we say - there is no worse fate to geeks like us than when our own technology turns on us which has definitely been the case this week. We are however, Pittsburgh Underground - used to clawing our way up to the surface after being buried in the rot - even in the rot of the technology quagmire.

Stay tuned gang - we're still getting all the bricks put back in place to make Pittsburgh Underground bigger and stronger than ever before - as always our NEW and FINAL web address is PUzine.com - bookmark us now and tell everyone you know! We have a lot of really great surprises in the works and we want to share them with everyone! Thanks again for tuning in and expect another  PU Pulp Poster by the end of this month!

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