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Friday, August 19, 2011

Movies That Have Everything Preview: DOUBLE FEATURE FRIDAY! Conan The Barbarian & Fright Night

Howdy kids! The 2011 summer season has kicked some serious tail!!! It's not over yet! We have a DOUBLE FEATURE FRIDAY - First, it's been 27 years and we FINALLY have a brand new Conan the Barbarian flick (and of course, in 3D no less)! Check out the goods below!

Conan the Barbarian / Red Band Trailer

Now for this version, we trade up to a more faithful Conan (AAAAarnold!!! You cheating BBBBAAAaaastard!!!) played by Jason Momoa (Stargate Atlantis or more recently as Khal Drogo on HBO's Game of Thrones). Along for the ride is Rose McGowan (Grindhouse: Planet Terror) and  big red himself, Ron Perlman (Hellboy) in what the gang at Pittsburgh Underground hopes will be a very visually inspired Frank Frazetta styled adventure.

Not only is it DOUBLE FEATURE FRIDAY, but it's also a Friday of  REMARKABLE REMAKES (how's that for a tall slice of silicon pie!). Not only do we get a brand new barbarian, but we also get a brand spanking new version of one of our favorite vampires- Jerry Dandrige (he's more menacing than he sounds folks) in the remake of the 1985 horror flick Fright Night! Sink your teeth in to this baby!

Fright Night 2011 Trailer

For you cinema aficionado's, check out Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandrige in the  1985 trailer (previous published on PU / May 2011).

This one stars Colin Farrell (ya, like you don't know who he is) as the batty-beasty, Anton Yelchin (Chekov in the recent Star Trek reboot) as our hero Charely Brewster, David Tennant (Dr. Who) as Peter Vincent the self proclaimed fearless vampire killer (and street magician) from LA (originally played by the immortal Roddy McDowall), and good ol' McLovin' himself Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Charley's ill-fated friend, Evil Ed! Written by Buffy the Vampire Slayer's own beautiful and talented writing alum, Marti Noxon, this fangy-flick is sure not to (no... we can't say it... we would SUCK if we... damn).

This is one that the gang from good ol' PU has been waiting for (ok, what Toddy's been waiting for) so put on your adult diaper, grab a big gulp, fork over your $20 clams and do a DOUBLE FEATURE FRIDAY the PU way!!! Pee on you from the balcony!!!

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