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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eat Me: Pittsburgh Steak Company Review

The Pittsburgh Steak Company
Exterior on East Carson Street
in Pittsburgh's Southside

Have you heard it?...the cry of the wolf?  That sudden wild urge that drives us out into the night, filled with a hunger that must be satisfied?  When that shaggy bastard is upon us, there is only one cure to stop the madness & only one thing to tame the hunger - MEAT!  MMEEEAAAAATTTTTT! 

Bloody, red, and gooey. Meat that you cut with a knife - Meat with a bone in it. No burger will calm this storm, no burrito can fill the void.   Your chickens are no good here.
If this happens to you, then the good folks at Pittsburgh Underground can offer you a satisfying solution.  The Pittsburgh Steak Company, located at 1924 East Carson Street (in Pittsburgh's famous Southside) will make your carnivorous wishes come true.

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First, it “feels” like a steakhouse because it is not a chain.  Walk in to a full bar, where you can enjoy a nice assortment of adult beverages and cocktails (Toddy's dad recommends their bloody marys - mmm...bloody!).  Order your meal there, or take a seat - there is plenty of room. One of the features of this joint is that because of its location, you never really know who or what you might see.  All kinds of folks come in, either to enjoy a drink, eat with the family, or talk to the demons in their head.  It is all part of the rich milieu we call home.

The Pittsburgh Steak Company
has all kinds of LIBATIONS!
And guess what they serve at the steakhouse…?  Why... STEAK!!!  If you go there and ask for chicken, prepare to be shot at.  If you want to see the pasta selections, yer an idiot.  If you ask about any vegetarian selections, you will be eaten. It’s a the Pittsburgh Steak Company - GET THE STEAK!!!
Fair warning - a well done steak is not recommended by the staff which incidentally, are as good looking as they are natured and very professional (as long as you don’t act like an ass so be on your best behaviour ya rubes!)  Get what you want... it's entirely up to you.

For the best flavors on a quality piece of beef, a little heat is all you need.  Toddy always gets his Pittsburgh-rare (meaning it's still beating with life) - a flat iron steak or filet mignon (and occasionally prime rib, only served after 4pm) and a side of their bacon dusted brussel sprouts. Your uncle Chops is a creature of habit, usually opting for a petite filet (with a little surf and turf lobster mixed in), but now chooses the New York strip.  The CREATURE is of the same mind set with a baked potato and fresh grilled vegetable complete the scene.

That should give you some idea of how we like our cow...

Talk to the staff to get the lowdown on the best in beef-eating.  Even though prime rib is only available later in the day, the Pittsburgh Steak Company does have an all you can eat Prime Rib special each and every Monday evening.

If that's not enough for you, try the 3 Pound Burger Challenge! What's that you say? If you eat this massive mound of cow in one hour, you don't pay a dime, get a shirt, have your name put on their Wall of Fame, AND win $25 bucks!!! Seriously! Is that not the BEST deal you've ever heard of in your LIFE!!!

At the Pittsburgh Steak Company , the feeling is that when you order your food, you'll get it just the way you like it. Granted, it is a little more expensive than your average chain (roughly between the $20 to $35 range), but try and remember - you get what you pay for and you get the BEST at the Pittsburgh Steak Company!

Yes, if you must, there are other things on the menu to choose from.  Normal, human-sized burgers, of course and yes - pasta, are some of your other options.  You can even bring the kids (I hear they’re delicious).  When its all over, you can order from a nice dessert selection. Toddy and his mother recommend the creme brulee, and the CREATURE loves the cheese cake, or, like your uncle Chops, go with an after dinner oat soda.
In a nutshell, The Pittsburgh Steak Company is a juicy good indulgence, with a great wait staff, and convienent location in Pittsburgh's Southside (with parking right next door making your bloated trip back to the car a short one!). The next time your on East Carson Street and primal instincts for cow take over - visit the Pittsburgh Steak Company (and their Official Website) and sink your teeth in.

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