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Monday, April 12, 2010

We Need You BLACK DYNAMITE, Now More Than EVER!!!

Black Dynamite is one of the most blacktastic independant movies to hit the big screen. It recently came to the small screen on DVD and BluRay where good ol' PU gave it our undivided attention. This movie had EVERYTHING!!! I'm not gonna stand around like some fool typin' to tell you what this flick is about! Lay your eyes on THIS. . .

The Lowdown
This action packed homage to the great Blacksploitation movies of the 70's was cooked up and stars Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite) and Byron Minns (Bullhorn).

While listening to James Brown's 'Superbad', White sat back and thought of those old Blacksploitation movies that he loved as a kid in the 70's and thought to himself, "ya... I could do that". Donning a wicked afro wig, a rented 70's pinstriped suit, a prop pistol, and a bad-ass moustache, White took some photos of himself. The results were the world's first look at Black Dynamite and a great way to get friends interested in the project.

This Movie Has EVERYTHING!
The visual worked and the resulted in a movie that has EVERYTHING! Seriously - it's got Classic seventies car chases! Cheezy explosions! Tits! Over the top action sequences! The best old school KUNG FU that I've seen in YEARS! Arsenio Hall as a Pimp! A PIMP!!! THIS MOVIE HAS EVERYTHING!!! Did I mention the GREAT BIG TITTIES?! The characters have AWESOME NAMES like Tasty Freeze! Sweet Meat! Saheed! Donut Man! Honey Bee! Cream Corn and Chocolate Giddy-Up!!! This movie has EVERYTHING!!! It has the BEST soundtrack - an ORIGINAL soundtrack by Adrian Young. This guy has been creating 70's type riffs his entire (young) life and FINALLY found a place to put his skills to the test and DOES SO with ...EASE... The actors deliver their lines with reckless abandon ("Where is BUCKY... and what has he HAD!"). The set pieces are right out of a time machine! That's right A TIME MACHINE! Great attention to detail (every JAW dropping detail) was made to give the viewer the ULTIMATE 70's Blacksploitation experience. This movie has EVERYTHING!!!

With that said, if you decide you have to have this DVD or BluRay for your collection (I do pity the fool that doesn't have the BLACK DYNAMITE in his collection) your really only missing one extra between them - The 70's Back In Action Featurette. Honestly, big bloody deal! The best thing about this movie is that it purposly looks like a seventies film so it doesn't need to be 'super crisp and clean'. That's not to say that the transfer looks bad because it doesn't - it looks and sounds great (it is in Cinemophonic Quadrovision). We didn't go the BluRay route this time so comments are only about the DVD. With the look and sound out of the way, and packaging being very minimilistic, the only thing left to talk about are the extras.

DVD Extras
When it comes to extras, it's so much about quantity as it is about quality. The gang at PU loved the extras on Black Dynamite:

  • Commentary with Director/Co-Writer Scott Sanders, Actors/Co-Writers Michael Jai White and Byron Minns
  • Deleted alternative scenes
  • Lighting the Fuse (interviews with cast and crew about the production)
  • The Comic-Con Experience (Comicon 2009 panel with cast and crew)

The Final WORD
A severely great movie experience. If you have ever been curious about this genre, you didn't get a chance to catch it in theaters, and you like to laugh till the milk comes out your nose, then you need to check out Black Dynamite (seriously... that movie had EVERYTHING!).

Movies That Have EVERYTHING Rating: 9.5

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