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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

PU IT STINKS: Kenny Cheezy Lures Hillbillies To The 'Burgh Again THIS SATURDAY

Well, here we go again - one of the very worst parts of summer for those of us living in the Northside of Pittsburgh - the Kenny Cheezy Concert will be held once again at Heinz Field, attracting all manner of hillybilly from the outlying areas of Pennsyltucky to our fair city.

Hillbilly Fight At the Kenny Cheezy Concert At Heinz Field (2013)

When Cheezy comes to town the streets will not only be full of animals who don't know how to behave like guests of Pittsburgh, but it also means loads and loads of trash, bumkin' fights, inbreeding in the streets, and confederate flag dressed pickup trucks doing drive-bys through Manchester and the Mexican War Streets to taunt the civilized residents of our community. Did we mention the terrible music too?

Now for anyone who thinks that’s too harsh, let’s look at the statistics. In 2013 police stated that 49 people were arrested inside Heinz field during the concert, with another 24 arrests taking place near and around the North Shore stemming from disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and aggravated assault.  Additionally, 10 large fights broke out and 150 people were treated for various medical needs with another 45 people taken to medical facilities.

When visitors left the June 2013 show, an estimated 60,000 pounds of garbage in parking areas around the stadium. This took workers roughly 15 hours to collect trash and up to 12 hours the year before.

Kenny Cheezy Subhuman Massacre At Heinz Field / 2013

Due to the destruction that was left in the wake of the 2013 concert, Pittsburgh skipped 2014 and then graciously allowed Cheezy fans to come back in 2015. Last year, thanks to the efforts of our always awesome mayor, Bill Peduto, his staff, and a lucky break from stormy weather (a shower to wash the stink of Cheez away) the mayhem was kept to a minimum as only 10 people were arrested (one for throwing a chair at a police officer). Here's an interview from KDKA Radio from last year as Larry Richert interviews Guy Costa, Chief Operations Officer.

This year, the weather is supposed to be hot and steamy with an overwhelming chance of stupid. That doesn't mean that the City of Pittsburgh will be lax in it's efforts to keep the clodhoppers corralled and the hillbillies hogtied. There will be an increased police presence in the city, trash and recycle bags will be handed at out all attending and no one without a ticket will be allowed in the parking lots (which open at 1pm before the gates open at 4pm) to add to the potential problems. For a complete list of rules you can check them out at the Heinz Field Website.

Also, for all of you like minded Pittsburghers who dread the infestation that we endure each year by this event and need a place to vent, check out the Ban Kenny Chesney from Pittsburgh on Facebook. Who knows, maybe someday we'll get our wish and have this insanity moved to First Niagra Pavilion (or whatever they are calling it this year) in Burgettstown, PA where they can defecate on one another, set the stage on fire, and beat each other to a drunken pulp.

For all of us living in here in the Northside of Pittsburgh, keep your eyes peeled this weekend for the infestation of flannel, a 50/50 ratio of cowboy and 'Make America Great' hats, tobacco spit, garbage, and vomit, along with an overwhelming smell of urine in the streets. Maybe if we're lucky the heat will drive the mad dogs wild enough to screw it up so bad that they won't be back next year (we can only hope for a miracle). We've said it before and we'll say it again...


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