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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fundays At 420: The 420 Day / Easter Egg HUNT!!!

Hello bunnies! Welcome one and all to a very special Fundays at 420!!! Not only is it one of our favorite days of the year known lovingly as 420 Day, but this year it's been blended with the sweet taste of Easter and a yummy candy coating called Pittsburgh Underground!

With that said, what would Easter be without an Easter Egg HUNT!!! Throughout is article, EASTER EGGS have been hidden throughout the mysterious and silly words for all you nasty little rascals to find! Who knows, what's inside those metaphorical treasure chests of mystery! Just use your mouse to hover over words within and give a click! From there you will be transported to some fun filled Easter treats from within the Matrix (or the internet for those who aren't hip with the lingo).

Speaking of the uninformed, for those of you who have't a clue about the mysterious number '420' or it's significance - LISTEN UP! It is merely a  term used by many of our cannabis consuming friends as a time of day, 4:20 PM (or AM, depending on your preference) to smoke 'em if you got 'em, and of course the mother of all cannabis consuming days - April 20th (4/20).

Easter eggs (no, silly, not the one's your stuffing your gob with right now), in media (video games, movies, books, etc) are intentional inside jokes, hidden messages, and winks to the audience for those who are diligent enough to look for them. Atari game designer Warren Robinett, creator of the fondly remembered 8 bit game, Adventure, had placed a hidden message into the already distributed title. The idea was to fine an 'invisible dot' and take it to an undisclosed environment in the game to unveil the secret message from the creator. Atari personnel coined the term "Easter Egg", evoking the idea of an Easter Egg hunt!

See! Who says you can't learn a little something on a smokey, sugar-filled holiday here at good ol' PU! Did you find all 24 Easter Eggs? (that's 420 backwards kids - SERIOUSLY! Look it up in a mirror!) If you didn't, then fill your basket (or bowl) with some of that Easter grass and get hoppin'!!!


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