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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fundays At 420: The Lone Ranger - Blast From the Past

Howdy kids! It's time for another Fundays At 420 here at Pittsburgh Underground! Today we wanted to do a tribute to one of the great American mythological heroes - The Lone Ranger!

Created by writer Fran Striker and station owner George W. Trendle in 1933 as a broadcast radio program on WXYZ in Detroit, Michigan, The Lone Ranger and the noble savage Tonto have roamed the west righting wrongs both big and small for the last 75 years.

Although the story is updated from time to time, the basic premise always remains the same. A posse of six members of the Texas Rangers are ambushed by a band of varmints led by Bartholomew 'Butch' Cavendish. Tonto stumbles onto the scene, rescues the only survivor, John Reid and nurses him back to health. Among the rangers killed was John's older brother Captain Daniel Reid. Tonto creates a black domino mask out of the leather from John's brother's vest in order to conceal his identity as they go after the Cavendish gang to bring them to justice. Reid continues to fight crime under the alias of the Lone Ranger.

From there, the character spun off into every form of media available - newspaper strips, comic books, cartoons, television shows, and movies. Today, good ol' PU wanted to feature a few of these clips that span the last seven and a half decades, including the first original radio broadcast from 1933 and the famed television show starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels that ran from 1947 to 1959.

So don't wast time just standin' there! Click on the link below to view all the Lone Ranger awesome sauce! Hi Ho Silver! AWAAAYYYY!!!...


The Lone Ranger Radio Broadcast
WXYZ Detroit, Michigan (1933)

The Lone Ranger S01E01 Enter the Lone Ranger
September 15, 1949 Episode # 1

The Lone Ranger S01E02 The Lone Ranger Fights On 
September 22, 1949 Episode #2

The Lone Ranger S01E03 The Lone Rangers Triumph
 September 29, 1949 Episode #3

The Lone Ranger S01E04 Legion of Old Timers
October 6, 1949 Episode # 4

The Lone Ranger S01E05 Rustler's' Hideout
October 13, 1949 Episode # 5

The Lone Ranger S01E06 War Horse
October 20, 1949 Episode # 6

The Lone Ranger S01E07 Pete and Pedro
October 27, 1949 Episode # 7

The Lone Ranger S01E08 The Renegades
November 3, 1949 Episode # 8

The Lone Ranger S01E09 The Tenderfeet
November 10, 1949 Episode # 9

The Lone Ranger S01E10 High Heels
November 17, 1949 Episode # 10

The Lone Ranger S01E11 Six Gun Legacy
November 24, 1949 Episode #11

The Lone Ranger S01E12 Return of the Convict
December 1, 1949 Episode # 12

The Lone Ranger S01E13 Finders Keepers
December 8, 1949 Episode # 13

The Lone Ranger S01E14 The Masked Rider
December 15, 1949 Episode # 14

The Lone Ranger S01E15 Old Joes Sister 
December 22, 1949 Episode # 15

The Lone Ranger S01E16 Cannonball McKay
December 29, 1949 Episode # 16

The Lone Ranger S05E22 A Message from Abe
February 7, 1957 Episode # 22

The Lone Ranger / Cult of the Black Widow
Format Films (1966)

 The Legend of the Lone Ranger (Trailer 1982)
Universal Pictures

The Tarzan / Lone Ranger / Zorro Adventure Hour (Intro)
Filmation (1981)

The Lone Ranger (2013 Trailer)
Walt Disney Pictures


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