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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fundays At 420:Amendment 64 Legalizes Pot in Colorado & Washington!

Hi everybody!!! It's time again for another lean and green Fundays At 420 segment! This week we couldn't pass on the chance to congratulate the states of Colorado and Washington for having the intelligence and fortitude to pass Amendment 64 (53% yes to a 47% no), giving citizens age 21 and older the legal right to buy, possess, and use recreational marijuana without the note of a doctor.

Everyone, both seasoned smokers and noobs alike are asking - what does it all mean? In a nutshell, Amendment 64 organizers said the new law will make authorities regulate marijuana like alcohol. It removes criminal penalties for possession and establishes a system of regulated and taxed marijuana products, and allows for the legal cultivation of industrial hemp.

In otherwords, not only will it stimulate the struggling economy in a BIG way - tourism, small business upstarts (which could turn very big very quickly), but it will also keep decent citizens from being treated as criminals or worse - being arrested as criminals. 

With that, PU would again like to congratulate these two forward thinking states and their citizens for all that they've done to reinforcing America's freedoms and making it a much brighter and happier place in the process. For those of you who would like to read up some great articles about the topic of the legalization of marijuana, StopTheDrugWar.org is the place to get all your questions answered quickly!

Now it wouldn't be a Fundays At 420 segment without a little fun right? This week Pittsburgh Underground brings you a compilation videos of the highest caliber - INCLUDING that of our old pal Wolfgang Moonbang from the Dead Zed Zombie Show!!! 

Honestly - we found footage this week that we would NEVER thought we would see in our lifetime! Pat Robertson endorsing Amendment 64? Hell hath truly frozen over - Enjoy!


Trip or Treat!!!

The Hemp Solution
For A Sustainable Future

NAACP Supports Amendment 64
CBS Channel 4 / Denver, Colorado

Howard Stern on Marijuana Legalization

Melissa Etheridge: "Vote YES on Amendment 64"

Willie Nelson Interviewed By Larry King

Pat Robertson Endorses Amendment 64
FOX 31 / Denver, Colorado

Cheech & Chong Debate with Anne Coulter / 
Interviewed by Geraldo Rivera / Fox News

The Roast of Weed

64 Passes! Colorado Votes to Legalize MARIJUANA!
CBS Channel 4 / Denver, Colorado

Colorado and Washington Officially Legalize Marijuana

The Marijuana-Logues
Real Time with Bill Maher


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