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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fundays At 420: Run For Your Lives Pittsburgh 2012

Greetings all you  ghastly and nasty and welcome to another frightfully funtastic Fundays at 420 here at Pittsburgh Underground! Yesterday marked Pittsburgh's first annual Run For Your Lives 5K bringing both the undead and their food together for the first time in an obstacle (and mud) filled event for survival!

Check out the official trailer (yes, even 5K events get trailers!):

Run For Your Lives!
(Trailer Courtesy of Reed Street Productions)

Held at the Switchback Raceway [2469 William Flynn Highway (Route 8 N)] in Butler PA, the fight to the finish line was filled with all the horrific hoards, roars, and warz between the living and the undead that one might expect from an apocalyptic race to the finish! Our own Mad-Dash brought you all the details in this report we filed here at good ol' PU and now it's time to check out all the video nasties that captured the mayhem!

Brought to you by the few human survivors that bested the ghoulish and gory at yesterday's event, enjoy this frightfully feral footage from the 2012 Pittsburgh Run For Your Lives 5K Run!!!


Run For Your Lives Pittsburgh Montage
(footage courtesy of Knightmage11)

Run For Your Lives Obstacle Course
(footage courtesy of  Lorianne Holt)

Run For Your Lives - The Zombies!
(footage courtesy of Brad Maloney)

Run For Your Lives - The Poop Shoot
(footage courtesy of JRockisJouJou)

Run For Your Lives wasn't just held in our fair city of  Pittsburgh! It took place EVERYWHERE this year (seriously, you didn't think that the zombie outbreak was merely  local phenomena did you?) This year it took place in Toronto, San Diego, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Orlando, and Austin just to name a few! Below is some more footage from around the globe featuring the end of the world - zombie style!

Run For Your Lives 2012 - Union Point, Georgia
(footage courtesy of Shoot2Kill74)

Run For Your Lives 2012 - Atlanta, Georgia
(footage courtesy of Phillary)

Run For Your Lives 2012 - Boston, Massachusetts 
(footage courtesy of  Vmangione32 )

Run For Your Lives 2012 - Denver, Colorado
(footage courtesy of PoopyFace4U)

Run For Your Lives 2012 - Indiana, Pennsylvania
(footage courtesy of  BFCHeadcam)


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