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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fundays At 420: Cat-Astraphes!

Bill The Cat From Bloom County - Berkeley Breathed 

Happy-slappy you silly simians! Today we have a very SPECIAL Funday's At 420, dedicated to our newest PU partner, Mad-Dash (the cat's out of the bag - it's her birthday today - Happy B-Day Dash!!!) .

Now, Dash is kooky for kitties (awww...) and Pittsburgh Underground wanted  to commemorate the day by featuring some batty Balinese, Siamese, dirty knees, look at these... You know KITTIES!!! These quick-clips are the cat's pajamas! The putties meow! The kitty-witty's whiskers! Seriously! Are you down with the sickness yet? GOOD!!! (Don't worry, no kitties were harmed in any of these clips).  Now enjoy the show...

Click Below To Continue To the Videos...

Cat FedExing His Friend...

Black Cat Vs. Toaster

American Bobtail Vs. Toaster

Surprised Kitty

The Cat Came Back - Cordell Barker
(National Film Board of Canada)

Danny John-Jules as The Cat From Red Dwarf
Smeg Ups (BBC)

Mollie Sugden as Mrs. Slocombe From 

Simon's Cat - Simon Tofield

Mike Smith as Bubbles From Trailer Park Boys
Kitties Are Nice

Toonces The Driving Cat And Spunky Play Ping Pong
Saturday Night Live - NBC

The Cat From Outer Space (Trailer, 1978) - Walt Disney Pictures

The Aristocats - Everybody Wants To Be A Cat (1970)

Top Cat (Intro / Credits) Hanna Barbara

The Nine Lives of Fritz The Cat (Trailer, 1974) - Ralph Bakshi

Felix The Cat in Felix Dopes It (1924)

The Pink Panther in Shocking Pink - DePatie-Freleng (United Artists, 1965)

Have A Great Funday Everybody!!!
(and yes, a extra happy-slappy to Mad-Dash!!!)

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