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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fundays@420: Foster Brooks - The Roasts

The Late, Great Foster Brooks

Hey gang! It's that time again - another Funday and a steaming heapful of fun to go with it! This week, we visit with our old pal Foster Brooks! For those of you who haven't a clue - Foster Brooks was a very famous radio and television personality who's impecable comic timing made his 'lovable lush' persona a memerable signature character on the Steve Allen Show, Johnny Cash specials, and even a reoccuring role on 70's hit, Mork and Mindy.
Mr. Brooks was around for a good long time as he appeared on Space Ghost Coast to Coast for the Cartoon Network and The Daily Show with John Stewart on Comedy Central, just before his death from heart failure at 89 in 2001.

Some of his most memerable appearances were on the Dean Martin Variety Show and the Dean Martin Celebraty Roasts which we feature today on Fundays @ 420. You are missed Mr. Brooks, but not forgotten - enjoy!

(Click Below To Continue To All The AMAZING Foster Brooks Footage!)

Foster Brooks Roasts Don Rickles

Foster Brooks Roasts Sammy Davis Jr.

Foster Brooks Roasts George Washington

Foster Brooks Roasts Ralph Nadar

Foster Brooks Roasts Hubert Humphrey

Foster Brooks Roasts Johnny Carson

Foster Brooks Roasts Jimmy Stewart

Foster Brooks Roasts Truman Capote

Foster Brooks Roasts Jack Benny

Foster Brooks Roasts Betty White

Foster Brooks Roasts Jackie Gleason

Foster Brooks Roasts Lucille Ball

Foster Brooks Roasts Dean Martin

Have A Great Funday Everybody!!!

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